Affordable and delicious food for all your catering needs

Our catering specialists will help you build the menu and services that fit your budget and needs. Our made-from-scratch BBQ and sides are sure to please. We are located at 234 Dewdney Ave in Regina, Saskatchewan but are happy to travel to surrounding areas.

For all catering inquiries, contact Tyler at 

*GF = gluten friendly, *V = vegetarian! We can also work with you on vegetarian and keto options.

Meat Options 

  • Premium AAA Beef Brisket *GF
    • Choose from sliced or pulled (just like out of our food truck)
  • Chicken thighs or legs smoked to perfection *GF
  • Pulled chicken *GF
  • Roast chicken breast *GF
  • Turkey 
  • Pulled pork *GF
    • Homemade barbecue sauce on the side
    • Perfect for midnight lunch!


  • Baked beans *GF, V (protein option for vegetarian)
  • Mac & cheese *V
  • Perogies *V
  • Potatoes roasted with carrots *GF, V
  • Mashed potatoes *GF, V (Add Gravy)
  • Seasonal roasted vegetables *GF, V
  • Pickles & cheese *GF, V
  • Stuffing 


  • Fresh cut coleslaw *GF, V
  • Garden salad *GF, V
  • Greek pasta *V
  • Caesar *V
  • Greek *GF, V

Specialties (extra charge)

  • Sweet pork belly burnt ends *GF
  • Cabbage rolls

Dessert (extra charge)

  • Cheesecake

Midnight Lunch Options

  • Taco bar
  • Taco in a bag (brisket, pork or ground beef)
  • Pork on a bun
  • Perogie poutine bar
  • Food truck options

Fresh buns, butter, and homemade gluten friendly barbecue sauce is included with all catered meals



$17/person for one meat, one salad, one side
comes with buns and condiments

$23/person for two meats, two salads, two sides
comes with buns and condiments

The catering cost for groups under 30 people may be subject to change. Please email us at for prices.

Kids 5 and under: free

Kids 10 and under: half-price

We set up a buffet line to help serve the food and leave all the leftovers for you.

Real plates and cutlery: $3/person 
We pick all the plates off from tables and clean them back in our kitchen, leaving no mess behind.

There is a fuel rate of $0.75/km

A 10% gratuity will be charged at time of billing.

If you're inquiring about a wedding, please send an email to